holi wishes in hindi

holi wishes in hindi

Holi is a Hindu celebration celebrated all through numerous parts of South Asia. It’s otherwise called the celebration of hues’ and connotes the triumph of good finished insidiousness, the landing of spring and the finish of winter. A few people additionally take it as a day to repair broken kinships or offer gratitude for a good collect. Holi normally goes on for one night and a day, beginning when there’s a full moon in the Hindu calendar month of Phalguna. In our Gregorian schedule, this tends to fall between the centre of February and the finish of March. Customary arrangements more often are made the prior night, with petitions, a campfire, and religious ceremonies. The following morning is the point at which the genuine fun begins, with individuals getting a charge out of Rang wali Holi by having water battles and tossing powdered colours onto each other.

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इश्क की होलिया खेलनी छोड़ दी है हमने,
वरना हर चेहरे पे रंग सिर्फ हमारा होता.

Best Holi wishes 

सुना हैं होली आ रही हैं, गोपियों हमसे जरा संभल के रहना,
क्युकी हम गालों पे रंग लगाकर दिल का रंग चुरा लेते हैं |

Holi wishes in hindi

होली में वो लड़किया भी अपने अंदर की होलिका जलाले,
जो दशहरा में
लड़को से अपने अंदर का रावण जलाने को कह रही थी !!

Hindi wishes in hindi

“दूरियाँ दिल की मिटें, हर कहीं अनुराग हो।
न द्वेष हो, न राग हो, ऐसा यहाँ पर फाग हो।।

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