Pubg ping fix

Pubg ping fix

Pubg ping fix

So today we are going to talk about a game which is very popular in India.The game that we are going to talk about is very famous in India.This game is so popular that children play it overnight.Even the elders play this game. The system of this game is very correct.But that's why I have some rugged bugs that the tension company is unable to fix.When the game was at the initial stage, it was very correct, there was no time in it, as soon as the updates came, in the game I also had bugs glitches.And every clear problem is ping issue, so we are going to talk about this topic, so how can you solve it?

Why does ping happen ?

This happens in the game because your net is slow and it happens with most players to fix this in today's post So in this post I will tell you how to cure ping spasms The ping issue is because your loading speed is slow, the higher your uploading speed, the more the leg will play.

How to fast slow net

To fast slow the net, first of all, your net should be a little fast. 

Mobile setting

1.  First of all you have to turn on your mobile key settings, after that Clicking on the internal and option has to be done 6 to 7 times and he has to click the foot and after that whatever leg will open.
First sim has to be clicked there and set to latte only.

2. And in the second bar you have to go to the sim settings and after that there you have to turn off the vote.And while playing the game you always have to keep the vault off so that you will keep on keeping good and the game will not leg. 

3. Now after that you have to open the new SIM setting again and on the foot there you will see an APN setting, go to it and reset it.

4. Now after this, whenever you have to play the game, then you have to reboot the mobile once, after that you can play pubes again and you will see

after that

And you will see that your ping is coming very right, now you can play with the child in it, if your player will not run here and there .

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